Welcome to our Custom Gallery

Here you can find many examples of our exceptional craftmanship. Feel free to browse through albums offered below.

  • If you are looking for something specific, please type in the keyword into the search bar that will appear inside each album (if you don’t find any examples in a particular album, check other albums for the same keyword). Search keywords can be something like rose leather, fur outer layer, gems, purple lambskin, suede inner lining, locking buckle, custom tag, rose-gold buckle, etc.
  • Once you enter the slideshow you can use keyboard’s left and right arrow keys to scroll through images.
  • You can show or hide image descriptions at any time by clicking on the image once you are in the slideshow. Click escape button (or click outside the image) to exit the slideshow.

If you have a question about a specific collar in the image, please email us with the image number (such as DS122, or SS15).

When you are ready to design your own product, click on “Make my own” button on top left to go to the design page and begin your order.